C. R. Grimmer, Ph.D, M.A., M.F.A.

The University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98144

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C. R. Grimmer (she/they)

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Ph.D., English and Cultural Studies, The University of Washington, Seattle 

Committee: Brian Reed (Chair), Habiba Ibrahim, Sarah Dowling, Richard Watts


Dissertation: Global Fluidity: Coalitional World Building in the Afterlife of Posthumanism argues that queer of color poetry, audio-visual pop culture literatures, and hybrid fiction narratives offer a queer of color analytic that articulates previously unexamined relationships between property, gender, sexuality, and race in the current environmental crisis. I demonstrate that poetry’s current popularity—apparent in the resurgence of popular performance venues and emergent Internet cultures alike—creates new opportunities for meaningful coalition building between queer of color and queer ecocritical scholarly fields. These queer of color eco-poetics across genre and form respond to ahistorical – and construct historically situated – ecological preoccupations with death and “the human” through representations of livability and water. Such lived enactments enable global coalitions by representing water as matter for building anti-racist and anti-colonial queer and crip worlds—importantly, worlds that cross languages and borders as much as genres and forms.



M.A., English Literature, Portland State University, Portland, OR

Thesis: “Reading Against the Absent Referent: Bare Life, Gender, and The Cow”

Committee: Dr. Alistair Hunt (Chair), Dr. Sarah Ensor, Dr. Kendra Leon



M.F.A., Creative Writing, Poetry, Portland State University, Portland, OR                                

Thesis: “Animot: Subhuman, Human, Nonhuman”

Committee: Prof. John Beer (Chair), Prof. Michelle Glazer, Prof. Leni Zumas; Dr. Alistair Hunt



B.A. in English Literature, Honors College, Oakland University, Rochester, MI                       

Honors Thesis: “Creative Writing Within Academia: An Interdisciplinary, Action-Based Approach to Cross-Genre Writing as a Necessary Field of Academia”

Committee: Dr. Annette Gilson (Chair); Dr. Barbara Maybee