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The Lyme Letters O (ezekiel's wife)

Now available: O–(ezekiel's wife)

O–(ezekiel's wife) is a chapbook from GASHER available in digital, audio, and print form. Author royalties going toward The Florence Immigrants and Refugee Rights Project, more commonly known as The Florence Project. You can learn more about their organization here: https://firrp.org/who/mission/.


ABOUT O–(ezekiel's wife):

O—(ezekiel's wife) is a collection of poems by C.R. Grimmer, accompanied by the artwork series "Hewn Fruit" by Colleen Burner. Orders are expected to ship December 1st, 2019.

About the collection:


O’s (they/them or she/her) story comes out of a network. Their smallest start branches out of a series in The Lyme Letters that sort through nonbinary, queer, crip, and femme experiences in Biblical master narratives across Judeo-Christian texts. First and foremost, then, this start comes out of the unnamed, “marked ungrievable” spouse of the prophet Ezekiel, who inspired the character O.

About the art: 


A shape after a shape is a shape after a shape. Hewn Fruit is a series of spontaneous compositions that play with how a repeated flat shape can show facets, dimension, depth, and space. The repetition initially was an attempt to exorcise anxiety and fixation, a sort of stand-in for recurring thoughts that could be piled up within the bounds of a page and shift back and forth between a united object and a more diffuse mass. The shape in question is nothing in particular, a bit of roundness rising up or stacking behind, clutching like eggs or pulled down into peaks like soft mud. Or perhaps they are dark and open mouths, bearing the sounds of "O."


About The Florence Project:

"The Florence Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit legal service organization providing free legal and social services to adults and unaccompanied children in immigration custody in Arizona. Although the government assists indigent criminal defendants and civil litigants through public defenders and legal aid attorneys, it does not provide attorneys for people in immigration removal proceedings. As a result, an estimated 86 percent of the detained people go unrepresented due to poverty. The Florence Project strives to address this inequity both locally and nationally through direct service, partnerships with the community, and advocacy and outreach efforts." – from The Florence Project website, firrp.org

WHAT'S NEXT: The Lyme Letters and O

The Lyme Letters is the prequel to O–(ezekiel's wife). It has been a finalist with presses such as Alice James Books and Kelsey Street Press. It has been a semi-finalist with presses such as Pleiades Press, Switchback Books, and YesYes Books. It has also been longlisted at Metatron Press. The Lyme Letters was originally a chapbook that was a finalist with presses such as BOAAT Press. More information available later this year.

C. R. is currently completing the full-length collection, O, which builds on selections from O–(ezekiel's wife) by continuing O's story. This manuscript is scheduled for completion Winter 2020 through a Vermont Studio Center Residency. For more information or manuscript queries, please use the contact email listed at the bottom of this website page.


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the cow"

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